IST-EURECOM Light Field Face Database

About :

The IST-EURECOM Light Field Face Database (IST-EURECOM LFFD) is made available to address the lack of publicly available light field face resources to be used as the basis for the design, testing and validation of novel light field imaging based face recognition systems. The database consists of 100 subjects, with images captured by a Lytro ILLUM light field camera, at the Multimedia signal Processing Group of Instituto de Telecomunicações – Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, and at the Imaging Security Lab at EURECOM, SophiaTech Campus, Nice, France. The image acquisition process has been repeated in the two labs with a very similar setup. Two separate sessions were performed for each subject with a temporal separation between 1 and 6 months. The database includes 20 image shots per person in each of the two sessions, with several facial variations including emotions, actions, poses, illuminations, and occlusions. The IST-EURECOM LFFD database can be used not only in the context of face recognition research but also for other research areas such as emotion recognition, gender classification, age estimation, ethnicity classification and face modeling. This site contains the 50 subjects of the database captured at EURECOM, SphiaTech Campus, Nice, Fance. The remaining 50 subjects, captured at Instituto de Telecomunicações – Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal can be accessed at

Highlights :

The IST EURECOM Light Field Face Database is the first database to include the raw light field images, sample 2D rendered images and the corresponding depth maps along with a rich collection of metadata, including the location of a set of facial landmarks.

Database description

    The IST-EURECOM LFFD includes a total of 20 face variations per person, categorized into 6 dimensions:
  1. Neutral image (one image): image captured with standard illumination, frontal pose, neutral emotion, no action, and no occlusion;
  2. Actions (2 images): images with two different actions, notably closed eyes and open mouth;
  3. Emotions (3 images): images with three different emotions, notably happy, angry and surprise;
  4. Poses (6 images): images with different poses, notably looking up, looking down, rotate left (-45°), left face profile (-90°), rotate right (+45°), right face profile (+90°);
  5. Illumination (2 images): images with different illumination intensities, notably low and high illumination levels;
  6. Occlusions (6 images): images with occlusions, notably eye occluded by hand, mouth occluded by hand, with glasses, with sunglasses, with surgical mask and with hat.
    For each face variation we provide three different formats:
  1. Raw Light Field Images: Raw light field image stored in the Lytro Illum native file format, so-called Light Field Raw (LFR) files, with a size of about 50 MB/image.
  2. 2D Rendered Images: Central view 2D rendered image for each light field image; the rendering has been performed using the Lytro Desktop Software.
  3. Depth Map: Depth map for each 2D rendered image, also generated with the Lytro Desktop Software.
    Additional information that can be useful are included:
  1. Landmark Information: Information about the location of several facial regions, notably face, left eye, right eye, nose and mouth bounding boxes, for the neutral variation.
  2. Metadata Information: Supplementary data used to describe the subject, e.g. age, sex, and imaging conditions at the time of acquisition.
  3. Calibration Information: Information about the Lytro ILLUM sensor manufacturing properties which may be used for calibration purposes.
Date taken
Male, Female
Facial Hair
1-Shaved, 2-Unshaved, 3-Beard, 4-Mustache, 5-None
1-None, 2-Regular Makeup, 3-Heavy Makeup
1-No hair, 2-Short Hair, 3-Long Hair, 4- Gathered Hair
Yes, No
Yes, No
Yes, No
Particular sign
Yes, No

Naming convention :

The naming convention for the database light field images is type_xxx_s_yy_variation where:

2D_051_1_01_NFF (Neutral Frontal Face)
2D_051_1_02_EHF (Emotion Happy Face)
2D_051_1_03_EAF (Emotion Angry Face)
2D_051_1_04_ESF (Emotion Surprise Face)
2D_051_1_05_AEC (Action Eye Close)
2D_051_1_06_AMO (Action Mouth Open)
2D_051_1_07_PUL (Pose Up Looking)
2D_051_1_08_PDL (Pose Down Looking)
2D_051_1_09_PHL (Pose Half-profile Left)
2D_051_1_10_PHR (Pose Half-profile Right)
2D_051_1_11_PPL (Pose Profile Left)
2D_051_1_12_PPR (Pose Profile Right)
2D_051_1_13_ILI (Illumination Low Intensity)
2D_051_1_14_IHI (Illumination High Intensity)
2D_051_1_15_OMH (Occlusion Mouth by Hand)
2D_051_1_16_OEH (Occlusion Eye by Hand)
2D_051_1_17_OFG (Occlusion Face with Glasses)
2D_051_1_18_OFS (Occlusion Face with Sunglasses)
2D_051_1_19_OFM (Occlusion Face with Mask)
2D_051_1_20_OFH (Occlusion Face with Hat)

Download :

LFFD Files

License agreement :

To use the database Please fill in the license agreement (Download PDF file) and send a scanned copy of the signed form by e-mail.

How to reference the database :

A. Sepas-Moghaddam, V. Chiesa, P.L. Correia, F. Pereira, J. Dugelay, “The IST-EURECOM Light Field Face Database”, International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics, IWBF 2017, Coventry, UK, April 2017

Contacts :

Feedback is welcome. Please provide your comments and suggestions by e-mail to rf.mocerue@dffl